(Photo by Jillian Torre)

by Jillian Torre

It’s no secret that tea is a soothing beverage an a hit among grandmothers. But did you know that teas have many different health benefits?

Tea has been used as more than an alternate to coffee for centuries and just like apps, there seems to be a tea for everything – falling asleep, losing weight, staying awake, focusing and much more. The type of tea you pick can make all the difference. Breakfast tea performs different functions from jasmine, and green tea helps different than oolong.

Passionflower tea can help with stress and anxiety. As college students these are two words we’ve become all too familiar with. Drinking this tea before bedtime will allow you to destress, calm down, and get a restful nights sleep.

Oolong tea is known for its assistance with weight loss. Don’t think this means if you drink it you’ll loose weight just like that. It’s not a diet pill seen on an informercial. According to Dr. Oz Oolong contains a mix of antioxidants and caffeine that will boost your metabolism for up to two hours. Combined with eating right and regular exercise, oolong can be a happy helper when trying to loose weight. Be careful not to add too much sugar and milk. You don’t want to negate this tea’s effects.

Ginger tea can help with headaches. It acts as an inflammatory agent that blocks chemical messengers from causing the brain to swell. The tea helps subdue a headache in the same time an aspirin does. The next time you feel that migraine coming on try a cup of ginger tea instead of Advil. Ginger tea can also help settle an upset stomach.

Chamomile Tea helps with insomnia, sleeplessness, or restlessness. Drink this right before bed if you’ve been having trouble sleeping. Drinking chamomile in the morning probably isn’t the best idea, unless you want to be even more tired during that dreaded 8:00 a.m. class.

Juniper tea might not be as helpful for males. This tea can ease bloating and cramps during a female’s menstrual cycle. Juniper tea can also help with bladder and digestive issues and is recommended as a drink for after a meal because of this reason.

Black tea is perfect if you want to do something about that coffee addiction. Think of it as diet coffee. Black tea still contains caffeine, just not as much as a cup of coffee. It will give you the boost you need to get your day started.

The next time you choose your tea think twice about the flavor.