by Brittany Ambrosino

Residence Living Council and Musical Exchange are set to co-sponsor a rap battle on campus Wed., March 25 at 8 P.M. in the Knight Spot. This is the first time Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) has seen an event like this in its history, and Mount Messenger received the opportunity to interview Musical Exchange’s president, Steven Juergensen, and Residence Living Council’s President, Diana Gillette, to get their insight on the event and what their clubs are all about.


Mount Messenger: “What are your clubs and what do you guys do? “

Steven Juergensen: “Musical Exchange is a club that was meant to bring together music lovers and give the music community a home. We bring more music-based events towards the college, giving the talented a place to show what they got, and giving the music lovers something to do during their free time. We promote ideas for new events and promise to do the best of our ability to making them happen.”

Diana Gillette: “My club is RLC which is Resident Living Council. We do a lot of various activities on campus that are geared towards the residents, from bingo, to kan jam tourneys and everything in between.”


MM: “What made you decide to sponsor a Rap Battle on campus?”

SJ: “Musical Exchange wanted to sponsor a Rap Battle on campus to bring something new and fun to our campus. It is something the Mount has yet to see in its great history, and Musical Exchange is here to make that change. Also, this will give the rappers of the Mount a chance to show themselves and be proud of their talents. All are always welcome to participate.”

DG: “We decided to co-sponsor this with Musical Exchange because we really believe in the mission that they have. Even though they don’t have a budget yet, I think that they have a great pool of fresh ideas that they can bring to the college campus and the students. I’m a huge fan of music because it really helps bond people in ways that words can’t and stretches across the ‘four corners’ of campus. I mean, almost everyone enjoys some type of music and this battle can really bring a wide range of people to either perform or watch.  This rap battle is a great way to bring students together and just have a fun time.”


MM: “If people would like to sign up to perform, where can they do so?”

SJ: “Starting this weekend, sign up fliers will be posted all around the college to participate in the Rap Battle. Also you could email me with your interest at This won’t be like any rap battle or something you would see out of 8 mile. This will be an event where the rappers of the Mount will be able to show what they’ve got by performing their own original work and the audience would pick who they liked best through a shoebox voting system.”


Be sure to come out and support Musical Exchange and RLC!