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By: Angelique Suarez

When contouring, everyone’s ultimate goal is to look like a Kardashian, but has contouring gone too far?

According to this new insta-trend that has taken Instagram by storm, it’s necessary to contour the back of your neck.

Contouring has definitely reached a whole new level after Instagram user MWhairstyles demonstrated a quick tutorial on how to contour and highlight your neck.

Since then women have begun painting along the napes of their neck every shade of the contouring rainbow to achieve an “elegant silhouette.”

Just like face contouring, neck contouring is all about creating definition. People are using bronzer to make their necks appear longer and slimmer.

While it’s a pretty cool concept, there is no need to fake the appearance of a smaller neck.

There are downsides to this new trend, it is super messy and it gets more makeup all over your clothes than the actual spot you’re applying it too.

Anyone who wears makeup knows how hard it is to remove bronzer or any type of makeup from your clothes.

Let’s all just agree to sit this new trend out and stick to the contour basics by highlighting our cheekbones and other prominent features.