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 by: Angelique Suarez

Do not freeze with fright! As the weather begins to continuously change, our wardrobe does too. This means we will be layering our clothes and bringing out the bulky winter coats, which are not always the most flattering.

To stay warm and trendy, students can follow these tips to dress warm and still look stylish as the colder weather approaches.

Tip one is to skip the hoodiesIt is very tempting to throw a hoodie or sweatshirt on as the temperature drops, but avoid doing so. If one wants to look fashionable, even while looking casual, replace all the school hoodies and sweatshirts with cozy cardigans and cute sweaters. Not only are they stylish, but they are also comfortable to wear. The great thing about these articles of clothing is that they can be worn for smart and casual attire.

Tip two is to pick the right winter coat.  Bubble coats are cute, but they can make one look bulky. Instead of opting for the bulkier option, go for a tailored coat that accentuates the body shape. A pea coat is a very chic, yet effective coat to wear for the colder weather.

Tip three is to keep wearing dresses and skirts.  Even when the temperature is cold, dresses and skirts can still be worn.  There are many ways one can wear a favorite dress or skirt during the colder seasons.

In order to make a dress appropriate to wear the following is needed: tights, leggings, thick socks or knee highs, cardigans, and scarves. Obviously, do not wear them all at once, but for one day a favorite skirt can be worn with knee highs, a pair of booties, and a cardigan.

Tip four is to wear knee boots or ankle boots. One can practically live in boots during the colder seasons, so put away the sandals and flip-flops and get out the boots. From trendy ankle boots to classy over-the-knee boots, one is sure to find the perfect pair to go along with their style and personality.

Keeping warm and dressing up for the cold weather can be simple, yet trendy, if one follows the right tips and tricks.