(Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

by Jillian Torre

“I’m too busy. I don’t have time.” We’ve all used this excuse to justify not working out. But lets face it, if you wanted to you could make time. You don’t need an hour to go to the gym. Sneaking exercise into your day is easier than you think. If you have three – 10 minute increments of activity throughout the day, you’d be fulfilling the Mayo Clinic’s recommendation of 30 minutes of activity a day.

Try these ideas to burn more calories during your day.

Take the stairs

Never take the elevator if you don’t have to. Climbing the stairs can get your heart pumping in ways standing stationary in the elevator can’t. It will also help shape your butt just in time for swimsuit season. Why take the elevator when you can spend 60 seconds contributing to your health?


Do calf raises while brushing your teeth

We’ve all heard this one before but believe me, it works. After two minutes of going up and down on the tips of your toes your calves will burn. This will also help with coordination and multitasking, almost like patting your head and rubbing your belly simultaneously. Maybe try calf raises in the morning and squats at night.


Take a walk

If you get out of class early or have a break during the day, take a walk around campus. Spring is upon us and we are lucky enough to have a beautiful campus. Why not spend a spare 10 or 15 minutes walking about campus. If you really want to burn those extra calories, try walking up the never-ending stairs to the Dominican Center for fun.


Alternate studying and exercise

Taking short breaks while studying is always a good idea. Instead of checking Facebook or browsing Pinterest, why not use that short break to squeeze in a few crunches? Alternate 20 to 30 minutes of studying with 60 seconds of abs, push ups, planks, or jumping jacks. Don’t do these exercises if you are studying in the library. Walk up or down the stairs and back to your study space instead.



Have a lot of reading to do? Move from the library to the gym. Get your reading done on the stationary bike. Why waste time on your butt, when you could be getting reading assignments done and burn calories at the same time. If you’re coordinated enough try reading while using the elliptical.