by: Brittany Ambrosino

It’s official!  Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are joining forces and going on a world tour together starting in 2016.

This fangirl moment came as a surprise on October 26, since rumors were flying that Adam Lambert was to initially join Lovato on her tour.

It makes total sense though since Demi and Nick have worked together over the years, both getting their start on Disney. From their roles in Camp Rock, to Demi opening for the Jonas Brothers on two separate tours, they both are used to being in the spot light together.

Aside from that, Lovato and Jonas are business partners, recently having created a record label together called Safehouse Records. Lovato and Jonas have both openly talked about their close friendship and how they’ve had each others backs throughout the years.

The Future Now Tour kicks off in Florida on June 24, 2016 and continues into September.

When asked the meaning of the Future Now Tour, Jonas told, “The key is keeping an eye toward the future which was the catalyst for the name of the tour, called the Future Now Tour. It’s about really stepping forward for both of us, not just as individuals, but as a unit together. So, we’re getting the creative based around that as well-something that pushes the envelope a little bit and carries a message that’s important to each of us.”

This tour will be interesting, seeing as Demi and Nick both have successful solo careers. This is something fans have only dreamed of, so there is no doubt Lovato and Jonas are in for a fantastic summer!