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 by: Madison Beckman

Carrie Underwood released her 6th album, Storyteller, on October 23, 2015. She has since gone on to make history as the first artist to have their first six albums debut at number one on the Billboard Country Charts.

Fans will notice this album sounds different than her previous work. Underwood wanted to take this album in a different direction than her previous ones. To do so, she brought in producer Jay Joyce, who is known for his “bluesy and dirty” sound, to help challenge her creatively.

“I feel like everybody expects this album to be some mushy, hormonal mommy album,” Underwood said in an interview with Taste of Country. She said she did not want to be an artist who makes the same music over and over again. In this album, she consciously tried to stretch her sound.  She insists that she is still the same person, just with different things to sing about.

This album has 13 tracks and each one features a different story.  “I love the storytelling aspect of country music,” Underwood said. Many of Underwood’s past songs featured that same story telling element as well, the only difference is this time the songs have a darker tone.

The album was inspired by the sixth track, “Choctaw County Affair.” The track tells the story about a couple who are on trial for murder. Many of Underwood’s other songs follow the same tone. She does show a small glimpse of that mushy side in her final track on the album, a song about her son Isaiah called “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.”

Sound like something you want to listen to? You can buy Underwood’s album on iTunes, or get the deluxe version at Target.