Women's Soccer
Marissa Segreto, #17 on the Mount Saint Mary Women's Soccer Team. (Photo by Mount Saint Mary College)

By Lauren Becerra

It was a day for the kids to remember.  On Saturday, October 5, young members of the New Windsor Recreational Soccer League joined the Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) women’s soccer team for pregame introductions and activities.

The day started with the kids being paired up with a Mount soccer player; the festivities included fun soccer activities, face painting, and playing soccer with collegiate athletes.

MSMC (7-4) then had a conference game against Polytechnic Institute of New York University (2-7). MSMC won the game, 12-0.

Before the game, the kids walked across the field holding hands; they then huddled together with the MSMC girls. A very excited New Windsor player, Rachel, said, “one day we will be just like them.”  At halftime the kids went on the field and played their own short soccer game.

After the game, the kids were given a photo of the MSMC Knights; they then went around to the players and asked for their autographs. Cheyenne, a 7-year-old New Windsor player, said to Renee Schultz, a junior, “I’ve been waiting to get a picture with you for the past couple games”.

It was a very enjoyable day and great experience for both the New Windsor youth soccer players and the MSMC soccer players.  Though most of the kids were shy at first, theyopened up very quickly.

“It was a great experience,” sophomore Courtney McCarthy said. “It reminded us of how we started and hopefully we showed the kids how you can still love the sport after doing it for so long.”