Image courtesy of: Kristen La Marca

by: Kristen La Marca

On Sunday, February 14, the New York Rangers took down the Philadelphia Flyers at Madison Square Garden in an unforgettable game with many heated moments. Not only did they conquer their biggest rivals, but they definitely did not go down without a fight, literally! It was a game that people have continued to talk about, especially with two specific players who put on quite a show.

If you’ve never been to a Rangers game or a professional hockey game at all, I strongly advise you to go. Sunday night was my first Rangers game, as well as my first professional hockey game, and I was definitely not disappointed. The adrenaline rush you get going through your body, especially when the players first skate out onto the ice is like no other feeling. The excitement on the ice from the players and the excitement from the fans all through the arena really makes the game such an enjoyable experience.

Two players got into a heated fight right in the beginning of the first period. New York Rangers’ Dylan Mcllrath and Philadelphia Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds battled it out on the ice. With gloves off, helmets off and all they battled justly and rightfully so for Mcllrath. Simmonds previously knocked Rangers player Ryan McDonagh in the last game, leaving McDonagh with a broken jaw and a concussion. Mcllrath stuck up for his teammate and gave justice where it was due to Simmonds. The fans cheered as the fight was going on in true hockey fashion.

Overall, the game was one to remember. The Rangers won against the Flyers and took victory home on the scoreboard and for teammates Sunday night. Madison Square Garden is a magical place, but it is even more magical and exciting when hockey is in season!