By: Sean Youngberg

The reigning NL Cy Young award winner is up for grabs this offseason, and he is the apple of various teams’ eyes.

Bauer redefined dominance during the 60-game COVID shortened season for the Cincinnati Reds, finishing the year with 1.73 ERA, 100 strikeouts and 0.795 WHIP. Opponents were only able to hit .159 off Bauer, who averaged over 12 strikeouts per nine innings pitched.

Bauer is one of the most outspoken, polarizing players baseball has seen over the last few years, tweeting and vlogging often, only helping fuel the rumors surrounding his free agency.

It’s pretty clear that Bauer won’t return to Cincinnati, especially after he rejected their qualifying offer. He wants to compete for a World Series title, and honestly, the Reds probably couldn’t afford Bauer, who is in line for a multi-year, multi-hundred million dollar deal.

Enter: The New York Yankees.

The Yankees have made a business of opening up their wallet and giving whatever was wanted to top talent, taking players off the market before they could even glance at another offer.

To be fair, the Yankees had gotten away from this way of business for a couple of years, but got back to it last season when they signed Gerrit Cole to a nine-year, $324 million dollar contract after he finished second in AL Cy Young award voting in 2019.

Interestingly enough, Bauer and Cole were college teammates at UCLA before they entered the major leagues. No, they did not get along at all.
Their dislike and disdain for one another is well documented and has been talked and written about since the two were drafted in 2011. Cole went first overall and Bauer went third.

The Yankees are on the cusp, and have been for the last few years, but they need pitchers. Tanaka, Paxton, and Happ are all entering free agency as well, paving the way for Bauer to join the rotation. Will his beef with Cole be a legitimate road block?

On a conference call with the Baseball Writers’ Association of America after winning the Cy Young, Bauer said “I have nothing wrong with Gerrit. We had our differences in college and that was nine or 10 years ago. I’m a different person now than I was then. I’m sure the same is true for him.”

Exhale, Yankee fans. It looks like all is good! The two are adults, and I can’t expect them to be ignorant to the fact that both of them in the same rotation would just be completely unfair.

Bauer has plenty of suitors, including teams like the Phillies, Braves, Padres, White Sox, etc.

But the Yankees make the most sense and I think everyone knows it.

But just so you know, there is a new owner in the big apple, but he isn’t in the Bronx.

Steve Cohen, a billionaire hedge fund manager born in Great Neck, NY, officially purchased the Mets in early September.

I repeat: billionaire. This means that for this first time in my lifetime, the Mets have money to blow.

The Mets have the 2019 NL Rookie of the Year, who hit a rookie record 53 home runs that season in Pete Alonso. They also have Jacob deGrom, who won the NL Cy Young award in 2018 and 2019, finishing third this season behind Yu Darvish and yes, Trevor Bauer.

Noah Syndergaard is recovering from injury, but is another powerhouse pitcher the Mets feature in their rotation, and they just brought back Marcus Stroman, another above average starter. The pieces are there.

Bauer will end up in New York, but don’t be too surprised if he’s playing in Queens and not in the Bronx.