by Erin-Therese Vecchi

Senior Joyce Houserman secures her hair in a French braid as she watches the minutes tick down before the annual girl’s powderpuff game begins. Will the odds be ever in her favor? Her coach, Tom Kellet, declares, “Seniors may be on their way out, but we’ll take a few underclassmen out with us.”

Freshman Maggie Trotter is nearly unrecognizable in war paint. “The freshmen may have curfew, but we’re taking the upperclassmen out tonight,” she announces with confidence.

Melodie Chiappone doesn’t go for trash talk. She looks at her team and with a “duh” expression, concedes, “Juniors go hard.” Brandy Murray’s response to all this? “Mount Olympics.” Murray is referring to the sophomores’ victory in the 2012 Mount Olympic Games. But will that be enough?

Junior Rachel McGinty takes center stage to sing the  national anthem, hitting each note with ease and conviction. If only her fellow juniors will be able to do the same.

The tributes players take the field for Mount Saint Mary College’s annual Powderpuff game. Although the sophomores pour their heart out, the first match is dominated by the juniors. The seniors then gear up to face the freshman, both hungry for victory and ripe for a bit of clever trash talk. Through inventive plays that the New York Jets ought to take note of, the seniors seize victory after a few nail biting moments. But the freshmen don’t look too dejected; they know they don’t have to worry about graduating this May.

The final round! Who will claim the Powderpuff crown? Student Body President, Brian Klose, declares his allegiance to the juniors: “They worked really hard this year.” Alumna and former player, Kerry Ulmer, is torn. “I have friends on all the teams!” she exclaims.

It is a brutal contest. Both teams fight as if straight A’s are the reward. A junior player breaks her arm in battle and is removed by stretcher, proving that, as Chiappone asserted, “Juniors go hard.” After a tireless civil war between the Powderpuff girls, the game is called a tie.

Everyone in the stands would have to agree that the girls on the field on October 26, 2012 were made up of sugar, spice, and a whole lot of feist.