Kevin Love playing against Los Angeles Lakers. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Johnson/ Getty Images)

by Nick Mancuso

Throughout the summer, the city of Cleveland has been making major moves in the sports world. Texas A&M stand-out Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Browns in the NFL draft. In addition, LeBron James decided back in July to come home to play in his home city of Cleveland.

One of the more significant events in this city’s sports world is Cleveland’s newest all-star Kevin Love. The Cavaliers acquired the power forward in a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves a few weeks ago, according to ESPN. The Cavaliers traded away number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins and last year’s first overall pick Anthony Bennett to acquire Love.

The trade was proposed approximately a month ago but could not go through until a certain time period had passed because Wiggins was recently signed to the Cavaliers in late July 2014. According to National Basketball Association (NBA) regulations, a rookie contract cannot be traded until at least 30 days have passed since being signed.

This is will make a significant impact on Cleveland because having Love on their team makes them a contender for the NBA championship. Having LeBron return to the Cavaliers is the primary reason why they are a contender, but having Kevin Love along with him makes the Cavaliers’ chances even better.

With football season starting soon and basketball coming in the next few months, we will see how much love these superstars will get in Cleveland.