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By: Alberto Gilman

LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on the NBA’s All-Time Scoring List. While this is another great achievement for the NBA superstar, there has not been no time for celebration. Since the Denver Nuggets defeated the Lakers 115-99 on Mar. 6, making this their sixth loss, the Lakers are now at risk of not making it to the playoffs.

It is safe to say that, if LeBron James is not in the NBA playoffs this year, then ratings will suffer. Not only that, but the built-up hype and promise to bring the city of Los Angeles a championship may be only that – hype and promise. All this pressure can be traced back to the woes and reliance on the team’s superstar.

LeBron James’s move to the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency was one of the most talked about topics this past summer. After the embarrassing sweep by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals last year, LeBron needed a change. For the second time, he moved to a team in hopes of acquiring another championship. He won two in Miami, with the help of superstars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

This, however, has not been the case in Los Angeles. The team has a very young core of players and veterans, who may have a ring or two, which places them at a disadvantage. Ever since the Anthony Davis debacle, in the eyes of sports analysts and fans, the young core of the Lakers are perceived differently. The Lakers’ chances of winning a ring are worse because vital pieces of the franchise are not getting dealt with.

Now more than ever, the Lakers are desperate. Can they really make it back to the finals or is their run over for the season?