The students and faculty show off their good sportsmanship after the game. (Photo provided by Mount Saint Mary College)

by Steph Neligan

On Tuesday April 3rd students and faculty members faced off in the Faculty vs. Student Volleyball Showdown, the first MSMC Annual FUNd Event sponsored by the Office of College Advancement and Student Activities. All proceeds from the event supported the MSMC Annual Fund.

The game’s intensity and entertainment proved to make the night a memorable one. The students took on the team name of The Knight Strikers while the faculty went with the subtle name of Top Gun, and the winner had to win the most out of three games.

The first game began and it looked as if the faculty team Top Gun was going to take the win. Top Gun was up by at least one point during the whole game. Dr. David Gallagher, nicknamed “Goose,” and Derek Sanderson, nicknamed “Big Swede,” showed great chemistry throughout the first game.  When Sanderson was asked how he came up with his nickname, he said, “It was an old nickname from College.”  Eventually, the faculty could not hold onto the lead they had over The Knight Strikers and the final score was 25-21 Students.

During the first intermission, Mount Saint Mary College’s cheerleading team performed, but not in their typical blue Knights uniform. The team wore purple t-shirts to bring awareness to Pancreatic Cancer, and they read “funding a cure for PC.” After their performance, Mount Saint Mary College’s President, Father Kevin Mackin, announced the winners of the door prizes and raffles. Then it was back to the game.

The second game began with the students taking the lead this time, scoring 1-0.  The faculty quickly tied next time they gained possession of the ball making the score 1-1, and then 2-1.  Throughout the whole game, The Knight Strikers and Top Gun were neck and neck.  One team would score a point, then the opposing team would catch up.  Finally, Dr. Marie-Therese Sulit served for team Top Gun in a game point, but it was stopped by Carlos Valdez at a score of 24-23. However, Valdez efforts were not enough because the Faculty took the victory.

The student volleyball team celebrates their win against Mount Saint Mary faculty. (Photo provided by Mount Saint Mary College)

Before the third and final game started, announcers Myah Tolbert and Jennifer Garton gave their opinions of what they thought the outcome of the 3rd game would be. Myah said, “Students are going to take the ‘W.'”  Jennifer differed, saying that “The faculty will take the cake in the 3rd game.”  Freshman Mary “The Maranater” Bosocosky said that her teams secret weapon going into the third game will be “teamwork and positivity.”

The third game began and tension filled the room as both teams desired not only the Plastic trophy, but also the honorable title as victors in the 2012 Vollyball Showdown.  The Knight Strikers dominated over the faculty in the third game.  They started off with a lead of 7-1.  Junior and forward on the basketball team Chris Frey made a solid spike to expand the gap to 12-4 over team Top Gun.

At the conclusion of the match, Myah Tolbert’s suspicions were realized, and the students took home the “W” with a final score of 15-6.