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By: Clare O’Keefe

NEWBURGH- On a chilly Friday night, the girls of Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) battled it out during the annual “Powderpuff” football game.

Powderpuff’s tournament-style matches were broken up into two eight-minute halves. The first of four games took place between the senior and freshman class. The seniors took the lead with a touchdown in the first half by Dorianna Gross. As the second half started up, the freshmen scored with 4min and 30 seconds left. Then they scored again four minutes later with only 30 seconds left. While the seniors almost staged a comeback, the game would end at 14-7, with the freshmen securing the victory.

The next match was between the sophomores and juniors. The sophomores scored their first touchdown in the first half with 40 seconds left, and then again in the second half with three minutes left of play. Sophomores would win overall by a score of 14-0.

The decisive game for third and fourth place saw the seniors up against their fellow upperclassmen juniors. The seniors would win 21-0.

For the final bracket, and the title of champions, the sophomores battled it out with the freshmen.  Eventually the sophomores took the title as champions with a seven point, 14-7 win.

The Powderpuff game is a treasured part of “Spirit Week” here at MSMC. The boys of each class assemble and put together a team. There is a lot of teamwork, careful thought and collaborative effort put into this event each year.

Senior coach Stephan Sookdeo has enjoyed coaching his class for the past four years.

“For it to be my last Powderpuff game is a moment that I’ll never forget,” said Sookdeo. “I’ve been with these people for the past four years and now that it’s over, it’s a new feeling that I’ll have to learn to deal with.”