By Nicole Godnick

The Student Government Association hosted the Mount’s annual Powderpuff game on Sunday, October 16th, to kick off Spirit of the Mount week.

Powerpuff is a traditional game of flag football, but roles are reversed. The girls are the players, and the guys are the cheerleaders and coaches.

The seniors and juniors played as a team against the freshman and sophomores. The first team to two wins would take home the points.

“No, the game is not rigged in favor of the Upperclassmen, you just can’t beat them,” written by senior Reyna Baumann in the rules sent to players a few hours before the game.

Well, Reyna, you were semi-right. The game was definitely not rigged in favor of the upperclassmen, but the underclassmen could surely beat you.

The freshman had been practicing for three days which seemed to give them an advantage. The underclassmen won both games with a score of 38 to 20 in the first and a final score of 58 to six in the second.

The freshman class is currently in the lead for Mount Olympics, but the seniors aren’t too far behind in second place. However, previous years have shown that it’s still too early to predict who may win.

Seniors, if you want any chance of winning your last Mount Olympics, you better step up your game.