Student Athletes of Mount Saint Mary College

On February 10, 2013, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee celebrated National Girls & Women in Sports Day with a bang! Despite the change in date due to the weather, Girl Scout troops from all over the Hudson Valley, girls’ ages ranging from six to 12, visited the Mount Saint Mary College campus for a day filled with fun and uplifting education about life as a female athlete.

The events coordinated included several workshops that taught the rules of certain sports, a learning workshop about Title IX, and a relay race. They also taught wiffleball (softball), basketball, and soccer. The Section IX workshop allowed the girls to explore what they felt being a female athlete was all about and the skills and opportunities athletics provide them.  The day ended with a big relay race involving jump ropes, scooter races, and popping balloons.

The student athletes of Mount Saint Mary College participating in the event found that it was a successful afternoon, not only with the turnout, but the impact they had on the girls’ lives regarding athletics and their self-esteem. As Jaimee Lubniewski, one of the SAAC members said: “I think National Girls and Women in Sports Day at The Mount was a very successful afternoon. I believe it gave the girls a chance to learn how sports can impact their lives and their futures, and I think they had fun while learning as well!”

Not only did the girls have an enjoyable time, but their parents and troop leaders expressed their appreciation of the day’s events as well. “The impact made on the girls by the conversations and the story-sharing with the student athletes, and making them feel included and special in playing sports with them really meant a lot and went a long way,” said Danielle Lindner, SAAC leader.

This event would not have transpired if not for three SAAC members and their hard work and dedication to the event. Thus, a very special thank you to Ashley Peel, Nicole Petkevicius, and Jaimee Lubniewski for taking the time to organize the day and run the event!