By Mateo Antonio Lopez

The women’s soccer team had a tough loss against Ithaca on Sept. 12, with a final score of 3-0.

Ithaca scored twice in the first half, with player Ally Christman opening the score in the 9th minute and player Alex Epifani on the 27th minute. Player Stella Campodonico sealed the game in the 76th minute giving the Bombers a victory over the Knights.

The Knights made a comeback on Sept. 16, when they defeated Yeshiva University. The women’s soccer team won by 9 goals. Player Gina Rivera scored 3 goals, player Theresa Stinson scored 3 goals and player Nikki Carter scored 1 goal along with Claire Newman and Brittany Bornstad.

The whole team was putting in a strong effort. Their defense was attempting to seal any passes that came from the Maccabees to goal. The offense was trying to put their best foot forward, with 37 out of 57 shots making it past Yeshiva’s defense.