Juan Lagares of the Mets (Photo by Ray Stubblebine, New York Post)

by Daniel Witke

The Mets are starting to become the team its fans have hoped for.

The team currently holds the best record in baseball with a 15-5 record. This team is portraying immense confidence, charisma, and a type of attitude that says, “we are going to beat you no matter what.”

According to Mike Fitzpatrick, a CBS sports reporter, the team is off to its best start since the 1986 World Series team opened 16-4.

Although it’s only 20 games into the season, the 25 players on the roster are feeling even more excited than the fans themselves.

“It’s unbelievable, coming to the ballpark every day,” said Mets first baseman Lucas Duda in an interview with CBS sports. “Just a great feeling when you walk in the doors.”

It was only 15 games ago that the Mets were 2-3 and were hearing similar criticism about a weak line-up and bullpen inconsistencies. In addition, captain David Wright went down with a hamstring injury.

Without the queen on the chess board it can be easy to feel defeated. However, the knights and bishops on this team have raised their level, especially the starting pitchers.

In the last 12 games that Wright has not played, no starter allowed more than four runs and each starter has pitched five innings or more.

Starting pitcher Jonathan Niese loves the group dynamic and believes they can make each other better in an interview from New York Post.

“We’re all playing for each other,” Niese said. “Nobody in here is selfish, and you can tell.”

Six games into the winning streak, starting catcher Travis d’Arnaud and lefty specialist Jerry Blevins both went down with injuries. In spite of this, the Mets have not been affected. Like the mythical creature Hydra, when one head is cut off two more will take its place. With one injured player down, two new players step up to the plate.

Outfielder Curtis Granderson started his season off slowly before finding his swing in the recent series against the Yankees. This season, Met fans have high hopes for Curtis who had a disappointing year last season.

A New York Times story reported that manager Terry Collins knew his team had improved, but he never expected this kind of start.

“I’ve had some good teams, with good players,” said Collins. “But I’ve never been on a team where each and every guy wants to do his part.”

This team has shown more than resiliency. This team has shown early signs of grit and determination, never say die attitude. Granted, it is early and all the hype may all be for nothing, but there is a new feeling of magic in Flushing, Queens.