by Madison Hanlon

via MSMC Knights

Daniel Drury is a familiar face around campus and even more well known by the pool. For those who don’t know, Drury has taken over as the head coach for both the men and women’s swim teams.

Drury, who is a Mount Saint Mary College alum, graduated from the Mount in 2012, with his bachelors and master degree in business with a minor in Spanish. Prior to the Mount, he attended the University of Miami.

Drury who has done everything from running track to playing countless intermural sports, unexpectedly started his coaching career. When he graduated, he saw that there was a job opening as the assistant coach of the swim team and ever since has devoted himself to it. “It was a point in my life when I needed to be inspired by something,” said Drury, “it was appealing to me for helping young people reach their goals athletically and learning more myself about training and nutrition.”

Prior to taking over as head coach, Drury served as the team’s assistant coach for the past two seasons. Drury owes a lot of his learning to former head coach, Danielle Lindner. “She (Lindner) went out of her way to make me feel empowered,” said Drury, “I am responsible for putting my vision forward which means a lot and I would not be as prepared to do it if it was not for the time with Danielle.”

Both the men and women’s team had remarkably notable seasons last year. The women won their fourth consecutive Skyline Championship, and the men were runner ups at Skylines. Possibly the most impressive, was the 22 new program records set.

Drury expects even more from his team this upcoming season. Drury is drilling the word “competition” into his athlete’s heads. Sophomore distance swimmer, Jessica McClure, has enjoyed Drury’s new mentality. “This year we are focused on competition and how it is a good thing and how it raises the teams morale.”

Drury is also welcomed with a fairly large freshman class that will make a large contribution this year.

Good luck to Coach Drury and the men and women’s swim team on their upcoming season.  Go Knights!