Image courtesy of: Alberto Gilman

By Alberto Gilman

Mount Saint Mary College Men’s Soccer team advances to the Skyline Conference championship game after a hard-fought double-header at home.

Coming off an intense game with a penalty shootout from the Women’s team prior, the Men’s team faced off against SUNY Old Westbury in a challenging contest to determine who would advance to the final game.

For two halves, both teams battled it out and maintained strong possession of the ball and versatile defense to combat any possible advances by either side.

Within the first few minutes of the game, it seemed the contest would make its way to second half but that immediately changed when a blocked goal kick was put into the back of the net making it a 1-0 game. The shot was made by Junior Matt Fuge according to the Knights Athletics page.

SUNY Old Westbury continued to attack but all the shots on target were not able to hit the back of the net.  Tyler Rapp, freshman goalie, put on a night of very close saves.

With the first goal lending slight advantage to the Knights, Old Westbury needed to even out the game. That attempt unfortunately never came.

Late into the first half, before the halftime whistle, Junior Fred Stark scored another goal, solidifying a 2-0 lead which would carry over into the second half.

Heading into the second half, both teams were not able to connect with the back of the net.

With their swift victory of Old Westbury, the Knights head to the Skyline Championship game which will be played against St. Joseph’s College Long Island.