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By: Claudia Larsen

Spooky month is just about here, and that means it’s time to binge all the movies to get into the Halloween spirit. Here’s a master list of some of the best movies to watch for Halloween, whether you’re into horror, cult classics, or reminiscing about your childhood.

Horror (Halloween Related or Classics)

Halloween (1978) and Halloween (2018)

Trick ‘r Treat

All Hallows Eve


It & It Chapter 2

Child’s Play (1988)

Friday The 13th

Scream (1-4)

Carrie (1976)

The Shining

The Exorcist

Nightmare on Elm Street

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Sixth Sense

The Silence of the Lambs


Cult Classics


Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Craft

Edward Scissorhands

Little Shop of Horrors

Ghostbusters (1 and 2)

Scary Movie (1-4)

Practical Magic

Sleepy Hollow


Childhood Classics

Hocus Pocus

Nightmare Before Christmas


Monster House



The Addams Family

The Haunted Mansion

Corpse Bride

Any Scooby Doo animation

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular & The Revenge of Jimmy