By: Meredith Murphy

Main Stage, the Mount’s theatre department, debuted their fall production of “The Miseducation of Isabella” Nov. 7-9. The show was no exception to the repertoire of well reviewed plays Main Stage has put on.

The Commedia, meaning an improv play, was built by both the cast and the director. The director provided an outline of the story, and through improv the actors created a script for their show.

There are two families that are shown throughout the play, and the parents of these families end up having a secret that could dramatically change the lives of their children. The reveal of this, of course, was completely hilarious rather than devastating.

The show was written as a play inside a play, so the character of the director would come out every so often and she would stop the show to have the actors’ parts changed up and rearranged. This was great comedic relief, as it was something unique and also caused some hijinks in the show.

This play exceeded expectations and was very funny. It frequently put the audience in fits of laughter, and each actor was able to bring out their own personality throughout the play. At several points the audience would be brought on stage to participate as well, adding to the entertainment. 

“The Miseducation of Isabella” truly grabbed your attention and left you wanting more of the story, and definitely more of the side splitting humor.