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By: Kim Kelly

Anyone looking for a good fright need not wait for the end of the month, the Hudson Valley has plenty of haunted attractions. To prepare for Halloween, here are some scary story filled locations close to our own campus:

Downing Park:


Right here in Newburgh is Downing Park. Multiple people have reported sights of the ghost of a little boy close to the edge of the lake in the park. Allegedly, the boy offers cries of warning when kids step too close to the water.

Bannerman Castle: 


Located in the Hudson River, Bannerman Castle was originally built to house a surplus of military storage and went on to house 30 million leftover cartridges and ammunition. Native American traditions claim that hostile spirit inhabits the island the structure resides on and there have been plenty of instances that may provide some truth to this claim. A few years after the death of the original builder, two tons of the explosives blew up and destroyed part of the building. In 1950 a cargo ship crashed into the building during a storm destroying it even more. Eventually, in 1969, a fire destroyed the majority of the remaining structure leaving it to become completely abandoned as it remains today.

Mohonk Mountain House


Located in New Paltz, this family run hotel has been the stage for more than a few paranormal experiences. Employees claim sightings of dog packs that disappear into thin air, as well as rocking chairs moving on their own accord, and reports of hearing small children giggling. This eerie location has also been thought to be the inspiration for the iconic Stephen King novel, The Shining.