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By: Laura Wetherbee

There are only a few weeks left in the fall semester here at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) and students may find themselves completely overwhelmed with schoolwork. Do not be afraid, you can accomplish more than you think.

Final projects, presentations and exams are all fast approaching as we enter into the beginning of the holiday season.  While enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, in the back of my mind I will be prioritizing what schoolwork I need to get done.  Many students feel this way, but in order to push through it, just think of how great you will feel when it is all done.  Once all your work is handed in, your exams have taken place and your presentations have been given you will feel incredibly proud of yourself.  And such feeling will be much deserved, for hard work should never go unrewarded.

The feeling of accomplishment is quite powerful.  It makes people feel happy and think of their with a positive outlook.  When things get overwhelming and you feel like you are juggling a million things at once, take a deep breath and just relax. The semester is almost over.  This is the final push, and in the end it is totally going to be worth it.

This sentiment especially applies to those seniors who are experiencing their last fall semester at MSMC.  This could be the last Thanksgiving break for some students, so make sure you are able to make the most of it while still ensuring all of your work gets done. Maybe instead of sleeping in late every morning, you should wake up and get some study time in before going about the remainder of your day.  It is great to catch up with your hometown friends while you are back in town, but do not let responsibilities you still hold slip to the back of your mind.

When we get back from Thanksgiving break, it will practically be the beginning of December.  Therefore, students cannot afford to procrastinate their work until the last week of school.  If you want to get a head start and make you life easier, do some homework over break. More can be achieved if you allocate a few hours each day to each of your assignments rather than piling everything on top of each other at the last possible minute.

Students must fight in order to get through the upcoming weeks.  Manage your time wisely and you will not find yourself stressed beyond relief while staying up late at night doing undesirable schoolwork.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving break and the time spent with family and friends. Utilize all of your time to complete schoolwork when you have the chance. Meals are enjoyed more by, and sit better with those who work first and celebrate later.