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By: Jen Hasbun

For students seeking experience in various facets of digital and print communication, Mount Saint Mary houses an in-house creative agency to serve that purpose. 

Mount Media was first established in 2011 by Professor Dean Goldberg of the Communication, Art and Digital Media program. The agency works with non-profit organizations in the Newburgh area and offers MSMC students the opportunity to accumulate professional experience that will polish any resume. You don’t have to be a CADM student to join; the club is open to anyone hoping to push the envelope of creativity. 

“Mount Media is the perfect combination of hands-on, real-world training in an academic environment,” Goldberg said of the agency. “I encourage all students with the career goals of public relations, journalism and production to come and work with our not-for-profit clients.”

The club has worked on projects for clients including Elant Care facilities, the Newburgh Armory, Habitat for Humanity of Newburgh and the Newburgh Ministry. More recently, students worked on a film called “The Ripple Effect,” which debuted at Habitat for Humanity’s annual breakfast. Additionally, students worked on “Newburgh Rising: A Photographers for Hope Journey,” a documentary that follows nine international photographers as they capture Newburgh in photos; it premiered at the Mount. 

“Mount Media is great because it gives me a chance to show my skills to working professionals,” said Nicholas Eyler, a production student. “It’ll be really good for me when I go looking for a job, because I’ll have something official – something real – on my resume to present to an employer.” 

With full access to the Mount’s combined studio and editing suite – equipped with the latest equipment – members of the club are free to hone their skills in digital video production, photography and non-linear video editing whenever they feel the need. As per club member Steven Leo, “Mount Media provides entry-level students with expert-level equipment.” 

For more information or to inquire about joining, contact Professor Dean Goldberg at