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By: Alberto Gilman

Six years in the making, the fans finally got the sequel they were hoping for: “Wreck it Ralph 2- Ralph Breaks the Internet”.

Back in 2012, a new animated movie was released, which was met with great success. Disney’s Wreck it Ralph was a fresh new idea that fans loved upon release, and were hoping to see more.

“Ralph Breaks The Internet” continues the adventures of Ralph and Vanellope, going about their days in their arcade home. When Vanellope’s game “Sugar Rush” is damaged, and with no possibility of getting it back online, Ralph and Vanellope decided to find the broken piece by heading where no game character has gone before: the Internet.

A whole new world to filled with wild action sequences, crazy characters, and a very strong message about our digital world really draws in the audience towards this movie. Ralph Breaks The Internet is a very heartfelt story that the whole family can enjoy this holiday season.

This Thanksgiving season in particular, Ralph Breaks The Internet had great success. Grossing over $80 million at the box office, it became the second highest grossed movie released during the Thanksgiving weekend. Frozen, which was released in 2013, currently holds the title of first place.