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By Meredith Murphy

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Some unforeseen tragedy in their lives drive them apart, only for them to later realize they needed each other all along. This easily describable plotline is what makes a “cliché” rom-com movie, which are a tradition for girls and young women from every generation. However many of these movies are seen less and less on the movie screen today, with only three romantic comedies brought to major theaters in 2017.

So, where has the romance gone? One word: Netflix. Over the summer, Netflix flipped its home into a bachelor pad, becoming the go to spot for all things rom-com.

It all started with “The Kissing Booth” in May, which tells the story of Elle and Lee. The two have been best friends all their lives, and want to keep their friendship alive without getting complicated. So they create a list of rules to follow, the most important being that siblings are off limits. However, when Elle breaks that rule, Lee has to choose between friendship and family. This one is, as Mount sophomore Chandlir Radcliffe said, “a surprising take on the usual cheesy teen rom-com.”

The fun didn’t stop there, because Netflix rolled out “Set it Up” in June. The movie is about two overworked assistants who set up their bosses so they can have some much-needed free time. Of course, along the way the two assistants find themselves falling for each other. Maggie Murphy, a 25-year-old Netflix enthusiast, reported the movie as “a fresh and a realistic perspective of perfect timing.”

Netflix came out with “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” in August, which I feel is the breakout hit of the summer. Lara Jean has loved five boys over her life, one of them being her sister’s boyfriend and another being the most popular boy in school. When the love letters get sent out by her much wiser younger sister, Lara Jean has to battle true love, heartbreak and a ton of social awkwardness. Not only is this movie sweet and charming, but it reminds us all how important it is to just tell someone how you feel.

Thanks to these three movies, Netflix had a truly classic summer of love on their hands.