Image courtesy of: Alberto Gilman

By: Robbie Stratakos

Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) offers its students a handful of on-campus activities and clubs, one of them being Knight Productions. This production club helps students enhance their media skills.

Knight Productions gives students the chance to experiment with an array of technology and partake in multiple projects. These projects include recording and livestreaming different sporting events as well as graduation every spring.

“They [students] mostly work with high-resolution video cameras,” said Alberto Gilman, founder of Knight Productions. “I myself have personally worked the last three commencement ceremonies with student volunteers.”

Charles Benfer, a sophomore club officer, emphasizes that the club is an amazing experience for students. Students learn leadership skills, how to work as a team and get involved in the technological field. These three skills will stick with students through whatever professional fields they choose to go into.

Brendan Deacon, another club officer, says that Knight Productions gives you the chance to assume responsibility, accountability and time management. “We can’t afford to have people who aren’t going to be there on time. We can’t afford to have people who are going to be breaking equipment,” said Deacon.

There is something for everyone to find passion in, even if someone isn’t confident enough to completely put themselves out there. A little courage goes a long way.

Deacon added, “If you want to be a part of something but are too shy to put your face in front of a camera, try going behind the camera. This is the perfect situation for it.”

To learn more about Knight Productions or to get involved, contact Gilman at All students are welcome, whether you have experience in production or are interested in learning.