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By: Meredith Murphy

I did not know what to expect when I first walked into the stage of the play “Every Brilliant Thing.” However, what I found from the play was truly a remarkable and amazing production.

The one-man play tells about a seven-year-old boy, who creates a “grateful list” for his mother who tried to commit suicide. He will continue this list throughout his life and through his own struggle with depression. 

This play was put on by Professor James Philips and he truly spoke to the audience. I felt as if he was the little boy who just had his dog die for the first time, the young adult dancing around to “move on up” by Curtis MacField, and the men helping his wife packing up and leave their New York apartment. It felt like he was not just speaking to an audience but to me.

This intimate play allows the audience not only to watch the play but play a part in the play. The audience would receive a card at the beginning at the play with a number on the list and something to be grateful about and be different characters in this man’s life. I received Hairdressers who listen to what you want and tea and biscuits.

This play leaves an impact on any viewer, helping you to realize the importance of the little things and appreciate your life.