Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato performing in the Neon Lights Tour. (Photo courtesy of

by Brittany Ambrosino

Demi Lovato has stepped back into the music scene with her third headlining tour: The Neon Lights Tour.

The tour kicked off Feb. 9 in Vancouver and made its way to the Tri-State area from Mar. 1st to the 11th.

Once it was time for Demi to hit the stage, the lights went black. A video on the large ovular screen at the back of her stage showed clips of her swimming underwater, almost like she was trapped in a tank. Lights began to flash while the beginning notes of her 2013 hit single, “Heart Attack,” crept into the arena. Demi slowly rose up out of the large catwalk that extended into the crowd.

The catwalk was a great choice for this tour; she was on it for most of the show, so it acted as a great way to interact with her audience.

She performed songs from her old albums such as “The Middle,” “Got Dynamite,” “Don’t Forget,” “Remember December,” and “Unbroken.” Lovato also pleased the crowd with hits from her latest album DEMI which included “Fire Starter,” “Made in the USA,” “Warrior,” “Two Pieces,” “Really Don’t Care,” and “Nightingale.”

Demi is an advocate for victims of issues such as self-harm, bullying, bulimia, and depression.

Each night on tour she sits at her piano and sings a song off her latest album, called “Warrior,” about her fight to overcome struggles she has faced in the past. Before singing, she talks for about three to five minutes about the issues she once struggled with and how she believes her fans can overcome them as well.

At her show in Uniondale on Mar. 11 she ended her speech by saying, “You guys are so worthy of life. You are so beautiful and you deserve to be happy; it works if you work it.”

The rest of the show is jam packed with energy and sass. With her bright pink half-shaven hair, Lovato packs a punch all over the stage. She shows some promiscuity in her choreography and displays her skills on guitar at different moments. None of Demi’s past concerts have been like the performances she is putting on for the Neon Lights Tour.

Her fans on Twitter are not shy about sharing their love for the Neon Lights Tour. Caroline Rooks said, “I thought it was PERFECT and she was so fierce.”

Casey Fitszimmons, who has gone to multiple shows on the Neon Lights Tour, said, “she’s really made it about the music and what it symbolizes for her and her fans. She takes her time to connect with the audience and tell them that for an hour and a half, they can forget about whatever is going on in their personal lives and just be free.”

Lovato keeps bringing more to the table, and she is showing the world her continuous potential. When we start to think Lovato has done enough, she keeps doing more. Who know what she has in store next.