By Nicole Godnick

Tuna and Christmas really don’t go together in my mind. Having a white Christmas sounds more pleasing, or so I thought. However, the character Elmer Watkins from the production Tuna Christmas takes that phrase too literally with his annual Christmas party theme, “whitest Christmas ever.” 

If you think that’s unhinged, the rest of the production only worsens with its jokes. 

The MSMC Theatre recently put on a production of Tuna Christmas from Thursday, November 10, 2022, until Saturday, November 12, 2022. Written by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard in the late 1980s, the MSMC webpage describes Tuna Christmas as a “comedic cross between The Andy Griffith Show and Twin Peaks. With subplots ranging from the pedestrian, like a pair of divorcees comparing their exes, to the mysterious, like a Christmas Phantom vandalizing holiday yard displays, the play delves into the lives of the residents of Tuna, Texas during the most wonderful time of the year.”

Now, when I say worse, I mean it’s terrible, but in a funny way. The play is intended to poke fun at the “southern attitude” that many held and still hold today in more unprogressive areas such as small-town texas. While at some points I questioned a play like this at a catholic college, those thoughts immediately went away once the audience started laughing, especially Father Greg.

Now, fair warning, I am not a huge fan of plays. I enjoy musicals, but again, that’s my personal preference. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the production of Tuna Christmas, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre James Phillips. 

The set was simplistic yet effective in bringing the acts to life; the casting was phenomenal at bringing the script to life and filling the theater with laughter.

Due to the small number of actors, I was surprised by the quick costume changes. While only a few actors played many parts, the costumes and voice switches allowed the audience to follow along between each character’s story.

Overall, I would give the Mounts production of “A Tuna Christmas” two thumbs up for the set, acting, and atmosphere that the laughter brought to the crowd.

Congratulations to James Phillips, students; Thomas Sullivan, Kylie Dragonetti, Ashley Syslo, Austin Abreu, Inayah Khan, Todd Weaver, and Jennifer Bready, Professor of Mathematics, for such a successful production!