By Kimmy Kelly

With the class registration deadline fast approaching, stress levels may be rising as students navigate filling their schedules for next semester. A daunting part of making your schedule is feeling overwhelmed with the future course load, but if you have room to add a class that may bring more enjoyment than stress, consider enrolling in one of these three courses:

The Psychology of Death and Dying

Don’t be scared off by the morbid name! This psychology class provides lessons interesting to learn for any major. By discussing meaningful events in each other’s lives and having a safe space to discuss any set of beliefs among classmates with open ears, this course will leave a lasting impression on any student. You’ll get to know your fellow students better, gain a new perspective and an appreciation for life in the process. There may even be a field trip or two!

Creativity and the Creative Process

Who wouldn’t love a class consisting of coming up with fun and unique ideas? Take a break from writing papers and doing labs to dive deeper into your creative side. In this course, you’ll explore what it really means to be creative and how you best use your own creativity. Some fun assignments include creating your own musical beat, designing an advertisement for your life, and coming up with selling points for a product of your own invention.

The Secret History of Fairy Tale

Everyone is familiar with the Disney classics—Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid and so on—but what some may not know is that Walt didn’t invent everything that has his name on it. This English elective focuses on the background of the fairy tales we all grew up with and teaches some of the darker themes that go unnoticed in the current versions. In this course, you’ll read works from the Brothers Grimm and other fairy tale icons to learn where Disney found its inspiration. Not all fairy tales end in a happily ever after, but the stories are just as intriguing.