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By Tori Kuhr

The expectation of wifi on any college campus is that it’s going to work properly. This thought also applies to printers, but when they fail to work, it’s a waiting game. Unfortunately, college students aren’t always the most patient when they have rapidly approaching deadlines for assignments that require using the internet and obtaining printouts.

This semester, the printers and wifi have been an ongoing issue according to student across campus. In the library out of the four printers available to students only two are working properly a majority of the time. The issues stem from a backup of papers sent to the printers which aren’t printed out right away, and the printers just having an unnecessary amount of maintenance. It’s time to put away these primitive machines and embrace the future.

Mount students express their frustration with the wifi as well. The strength of the wifi will depend on where you are on campus, and which building you’re in. If you are outside you are not guaranteed working wifi. On the inside, the View goes in and out of working wifi quite a bit when many students enjoy doing homework in there.

Brigid Kapuvari, a Mount senior, commented, “The most inconvenient thing is to be ready to print and it doesn’t work and you don’t know when it’ll be working again.”

What is there to do apart from playing the waiting game? There are times when the wifi is fixed quickly, and times the waiting feels like an eternity when assignments need to get done.

If you’re stuck waiting for wifi and/or printers here’s some ways to pass the time:

-Play games like Candy Crush or Bubble Witch Saga

-Read a good book

-Take a nap

-Finish written homework assignments

-Write a poem

-Draw a picture