by Jon Geissler

There is plenty to look forward to this semester with Campus Ministry!

Prayer and Praise is held every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM at Founders Chapel. Come March, Lenten-themed Prayer and Praise will begin with a focus on sacrifice and reconciliation.

This Wednesday at 11:30 AM in Founders Chapel, Ash Wednesday services will be held and include ash distribution. Ashes will also be offered at 7:00 PM in Sakac and 8:00 PM in the Knight Spot.

A series of evening discussions are taking place on Tuesdays February 12th and 19th in the Knight Spot at 8:30 PM. These discussions continue the conversation that began with Donna Freita’s presentation on her book, “Sex and the Soul,” last semester. They will be moderated by Dr. Orin Strauchler, Director of Counseling Services, and Fr. Francis O. Carm., Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry. The purpose of these discussions is to provide students with an opportunity to come together with peers and share their beliefs, experiences, and opinions with one another, leading to a deeper exploration of the topics of intimacy, sex, and spirituality. This will hopefully serve to help students remember that they are not alone in their deliberation of these issues.

Campus Ministry has also announced the beginning of a brand new service program, Service Sundays. The school has teamed up with the Newburgh Ministry’s Winterhaven Homeless Shelter to provide an opportunity to the student community on campus. The program will consist of a discussion of the needs of the city of Newburgh with the Newburgh Ministry staff, assisting with intake for the Winterhaven shelter. It will conclude with prayer and reflection on what the students experienced and learned both individually and as a group during the evening.

For this inaugural semester, Campus Ministry has coordinated three Sundays, February 10th, March 17th, and April 28th, in which they will travel to The Newburgh Ministry. They will meet at 7:00 PM in Founders Chapel before driving to The Newburgh Ministry, and will conclude at 10:30 PM.

On February 26 at 7:00 PM in Founders Chapel, as part of the Spiritual Support Series and in conjunction with The Office of Student Success, there will be an evening discussing on how to discern one’s future. This event is in preparation for Advising Month in March. It will aid students in the planning of their schedules and how to choose their careers through the lens of discernment, guidance, and spirituality.

Campus Ministry will also be holding The Blessing of the Minds on Tuesday, April 30 at 7:00 PM at Founders Chapel, featuring prayer, scripture readings, music, and reflection. The service will offer students the opportunity to relax and maintain perspective in a prayerful and joyful atmosphere. As preparations for finals begin, it should boost students’ morale during a traditionally difficult academic period.

A Reconciliation service will be held on March 26 at Founders Chapel. Lastly, Campus Ministry will be planning a trip to New York Catholic Youth Day on Saturday, April 6.

“This semester, we are looking to deepen what we have been doing for the past two and a half years,” says Fr. Francis Amodio. “We want to go to a deeper level. So in our talks and even on our retreats and doing service in the community, we will do it in a systematic way and we can truly affect the student body and the community so that we really can be transformed by what we’re doing. I call it like peeling the onion. You take off another layer of the onion and you get deeper to the issue.”

For any information concerning Campus Ministry and its events, contact Father Francis or Alexander LaPoint at