by Erin-Therese Vecchi

Stephanie Weaver doesn’t look intimidating. She has a genuine smile across her face and her style is that of a 1950’s sweetheart. To say Stephanie isn’t intimidating is the understatement of the year. Not only is she academically successful, she’s a resident assistant, honors student, and she just performed in Different Stages’ Selections from Rent.

Saturday, April 20th, Stephanie traveled to SUNY Oneonta to read her thesis on Jane Austen to a panel of fellow English students and professors. Her panel consisted of two other students with theses pertaining to 20th Century English Literature. Each thesis took approximately fifteen minutes to be read aloud. The panelists were then questioned by professors and a small audience. Stephanie answered each question with confidence and eloquence.

After reading at the first panel, Stephanie chaired the second panel where she listened to four theses, then posed questions after all four theses were read. The rest of the day was dedicated to sitting in and participating in the question portion of the remaining panels.

Stephanie is from Rockville Centre, Long Island where she grew up with her mom and younger brother. Stephanie has had a passion for literature since she was young. “I would devour books like other children would devour cake,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie is not stopping at the sole achievement getting her thesis read at the panel, but she hopes to get it published in a peer review journal, while continuing her research in pursuit of graduate and eventually doctoral work. She attributes her success to her literary heroes Yeats, Austen, and Shakespeare, as well as her faculty heroes.

Being a small campus, Mount Saint Mary College has a family aspect to it. When a fellow student accomplishes a goal or reaches a new height, it is a victory for everyone.  Thank you, Ms. Weaver for showing what us Mount Saint Mary College students are capable of.