Doctor Without Borders staff in Guékédou, Guinea. (Photo courtesy of

by Angelo Pacheco

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is now entering the United States.

With Texas being the first destination to be hit, panic has now surfaced.

Throughout the week, social media became rampant with Ebola commentary.

Many airports started to restrict international travel to West Africa and receiving returning passengers.

According to an NBC News article “U.S. Considering Tougher Ebola Screening at Major Airports,” the Obama administration is heavily weighing precautionary measures to address Ebola.

“The Obama administration is strongly considering ramping up screening for Ebola at major airports in the United States,” sources told NBC News.

The Obama administration may not have implemented travel restrictions, but there will be screenings at major airports. These airports are justified to hold screenings due to their huge travel population.

However, NBC News states, “The enhanced measures would be a supplement to screenings done at the point of departure in countries with high Ebola infection rates.”

This may be the beginning of new travel restrictions and Ebola prevention.