Todd Carey
Todd Carey (center) with members of the Student Government Association. (Photo by Nicole Havrilla)

by Katrina Avila

Picture this: sitting on a blanket under the stars with the sound of Daft Punk, Jason Mraz, and The Lion King floating through the crisp September air. Sounds perfect, right? On Saturday, September 7, students at Mount Saint Mary College had the opportunity to do just that as Student Activities hosted an intimate outdoor concert featuring Todd Carey, an up-and-coming musician from Illinois.

Carey played to an audience of about 60 Mount students, all of whom clapped, sang, and jammed along to the soulful Jason Mraz-esque songs flowing out of the speakers. Sean Harrison, a junior at the Mount, requested that Carey play “The Remedy,” a song by Jason Mraz. While Carey didn’t know all the words to the song Harrison had originally requested, he did appease him by playing “I’m Yours,” which quickly became a crowd favorite.

The field was filled with laughter as Carey playfully joked around with the audience between songs. The performance was comprised of a number of Carey’s own originals, such as “Nintendo” and “Ain’t Got Love,” covers of radio hits, and the Super Mario Bros. theme song, causing the audience to dance around the field.

During his performance, Carey stated that his mother did not let him play Nintendo as a child and he got a guitar instead. What may have seemed devastating to a young boy turned out to be a gift from above as Carey recently scored a record deal with Blaster Records. Carey cites his musical influences as The Beatles, John Mayer, and, most importantly, Dave Matthews Band.

Carey’s new single “Nintendo” is set to release on iTunes on September 30. His first album Watching Waiting can currently be found on iTunes and Spotify. Check out for tour dates, merchandise, and much more! Carey’s next show in the area is on October 28 at Webster Hall in NYC.

Want a taste of what Todd Carey has to offer? Watch the video below. You will not be disappointed.