Spring Weekend 2k15
(left to right) Students Hannah Lahita, Annie White, the MSMC Knight Mascot, Maureen Lynch, and Kaitlyn Hogan at the Spring Weekend Block Party (Photo by Jasmine Montes)

by Clare O’Keefe

NEWBURGH- The weekend of April 23 – 25 marked Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC)’s annual Spring Weekend, in which students were provided with activities and events to go on throughout the weekend.

Hosted by Student Government Association (SGA), Spring Weekend had many different events for students to go to and participate in. This year, Spring Weekend included an improv comedy show and a movie night, which was on Thursday night.

Friday included the weekend kickoff and the Knight Race by the MSMC Math Club. There were vendors, food, music and games to participate in outside on the Kaplan Sod Field. There was also a coffeehouse event in the Knight Spot. Following, there was a Mr. & Ms. Mount Pageant, sponsored by the Dance Team in Hudson Hall. The last event of Friday night was High Stakes Super Bingo, which was held in the former Aquinas Library. At bingo there was an Apple TV, Beats Headphones and much more given away as prizes.

On Saturday, the annual block party was held. It is regularly held within the College Courts, on Carobene Court. The road is shut down for the day to host the block party. There was food served, which included barbecue foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad and more. There was also a fried Oreo station and build your own ice cream sundae bar. Activities included human foosball, bumper cars, and a zip line.

The concluding event of Spring Weekend was GrooveBoston, which was hosted in the Kaplan gym on Saturday night. GrooveBoston is a big dance party. It is similar to a rave with dj’s and lights flashing throughout the gym.

Students were very pleased with the Spring Weekend events this year.

Sophomore Briana Cherwinski didn’t get to attend the block party, but she did get to go to GrooveBoston.

“I really liked GrooveBoston, it was a lot of fun and something very different,” said Cherwinski.

Sophomore Kayla Stevens said she really enjoyed the block party because there were a lot of different things to do during the day.

Senior Victoria Trocino, who is a part of SGA, helped plan Spring Weekend.

“GrooveBoston was a really cool event to have, but unfortunately people did not show up,” said Trocino. “Even though we had 250 people sign in, the size of the venue made it seem empty.”

Sophomore Amanda Luciano really enjoyed all of the activities and desserts they had at the block party.

“All the different activities kept me really entertained all day,” said Luciano. “My favorite part was all the different types of desserts that they had like the fried Oreos, Rita Ices and ice cream.”

Sophomore Kira Adler said that she enjoyed this year’s Spring Weekend much more than last year’s.

“The block party had a lot more activities and seemed like more attendance,” said Adler. “I actually stayed the entire time and really enjoyed it. Also GrooveBoston was a new and different experience which I also really enjoyed too.”

All in all, Adler said if next year’s Spring Weekend will be like this past one she will be just as excited.

Adler said that SGA seems to be improving in their abilities to plan these events, which means things can only get better from here.