By: Mary Marrero

The View at Mount Saint Mary College has always served as a hotspot for all residents and commuters to socialize amongst one another while enjoying a quality meal. Dining options on campus made it easier for students from all walks of life to interact with one another, which ultimately united the Mount community. However, with coronavirus cases on the rise, campus dining options have had to make changes to accommodate the students in a safer way.

In particular, The View has changed certain aspects in order to follow the statewide COVID-19 rules. Chairs and tables have been reduced, the salad bar has gone away, fruits and cereals along with many foods are being served to the students by the staff and distance stickers have been spread out the floor according to general manager, Stephen Andrade. Salads are still made for students by the staff as well. With all these new procedures put in place, MSMC Staff are trying to make The View safe while also making certain food stations easier to access within the new system. 

“If the students ask for something the answer should be yes, if we can do it for you then I’ll tell our team members to do anything to make the students happy. If there is anything that the students feel uncomfortable or unsafe about, then don’t be afraid to ask me. We need to do everything possible to put the students’ needs first and make sure that they are safe and have their nutritious meals,” said Mr. Andrade.

Moreover, staff in The View receive temperature checks before they start working along with the implementation of interchanging employees every fifteen minutes in order to ensure the safety of the employees. All cooks are separated by at least 15 feet in order to avoid close contact. Also, proper cleaning measures of both tables and of produce are being undergone on a constant basis.

“We want to keep our staff separated as much as we can in order to ensure the safety of  our employees,” added Mr. Andrade.

Additionally, The View has three options for receiving food: mobile ordering, dine in, or the ability to pick up to-go containers in person. These options give the students a couple of different ways to access their food depending on the day. Nevertheless, everyone is trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Certain things may not be the same, but the MSMC community is still providing the best service and welcomes both residents and commuters for a nice meal. With everyone helping each other, we can overcome any obstacle together.