Image courtesy of: Word press

By: Tori Kuhr 

NEWBURGH—Mount Saint Mary College’s Dominican Scholars of Hope (DSH) are trying to make a difference for their Sisters in Aleppo after the orphanage they worked with burned down. A community-based club devoted to education, community and service has raised money during the “month of love.”

A week’s worth of fundraisers started on Feb. 6, and included a presentation on the issues concerning Aleppo. It concluded on Feb. 14 with the delivery of the candy grams. The highlight of the week had students taping Father Francis Amodio to the wall outside of the View.

The DSH’s “Have a Heart for Aleppo” campaign started after they learned the turmoil in Syria was becoming worse for those located in Aleppo. Citizens were displaced, losing their possessions, homes and loved ones since conflicts arose in 2011. Additionally, an orphanage the Dominican Sisters worked with in Mosul, Iraq had been burnt down.

Aleppo is located in the northern part of Syria near Turkey. With Russia working with the Syrian Government to take over Aleppo and rebels attempting to gain back the land, Aleppo has turned into nothing short of a battleground. Airstrikes put all citizens, especially the doctors and nurses tending to the wounded on ground, in a vulnerable state. Students protest for their freedom, men join the rebellion to help bring their country back and women yearn for their imprisoned spouses to be released.

The DSH, along with their advisor, Charles Zola, Chair of Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies, will travel to the United Nations in New York City later this spring to personally hand over the money raised to one of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) assisting Aleppo. The NGO they will donate their collected funds to has not yet been announced. But nevertheless, every little bit still counts.