By: Claudia Larsen

The Mount administration announced the creation of their new student relief effort, the Student Emergency Fund, at the Alumni Weekend Carnival on Oct. 5.

The Student Emergency Fund intends to support students when they cannot meet certain expenses due to unexpected and/or temporary emergencies, such as requiring medical assistance and/or medication, providing emergency child care, getting proper winter clothing, and more. 

The fund will provide students funds of up to $500 as a stipend, and this grant does not need to be repaid by the student at any time. Applications to receive assistance will open in the Spring 2020 semester.

All money in the fund comes from donations. Many faculty and staff of campus departments have pledged support already. A dunk tank at the Alumni Weekend Carnival raised $800 in support of the fund, and Dr. Adsit matched this matched amount this and donated another $800 to the fund.

This effort was put into action by the Office of Advancement and the Mount’s Student Support Center, but has been receiving support from several different campus departments, such as Campus Ministry. 

To donate to the Student Emergency Fund, visit