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By: Tori Kuhr

Over the summer, the Mount moved ahead with several renovations to make the college run more smoothly and look aesthetically pleasing. Among the renovations are: 

Second Aquinas Elevator

In the past there has only been one Aquinas elevator available to all that only traveled between the ground floor, first floor and second floor, with a second to the third floor available only to those needing assistance. The extra elevator will help alleviate some traffic when waiting on the ground floor and allow more people to avoid the dreaded trek up the three flights. It’s good health wise, but maybe not for the soul.

New Turf on the Field 

With 4 teams, local tournaments and the student body regularly using the turf field, it was time for an update. For the first few weeks after classes and graduation, many hands were needed to rip out the old turf field, set down a new foundation of turf, and paint the new field in vibrant blues with “MSMC” in the middle. 

New bridge for the Villa

After demolishing the old, rickety looking bridge to the upstairs Villa offices, the college built a new one that illuminates in the dark. It’s safer, more polished and modern looking. 

New Sakac roof

After a semester of fixing mold damage on the interior, Sakac was given a face lift with a fresh new roof and alleviation from the prior water damage of the old roof. Even during the hottest days and rainiest days, contractors made sure the work was done efficiently and properly.

More renovations are to come in the Spring of 2020 with renovating the third floor of Aquinas, fixing up the classrooms and updating the art studio to look more professional and provide students with a better chance to learn. All these improvements occur with the intent to improve the learning environment for students and give professors the material they need to teach better.