Image courtesy of: MSMC Flickr

By Tanner Tait

MSMC’s annual St. Baldrick’s Day ran with great success for the second year in a row, bringing together brave shavees, generous donors and overjoyed onlookers on April 26. The original team of three, being Silvia Marin, Alberto Gilman and myself, added in a fourth member, Freshman Colin Williams, who was excited to help with the event and be a team player.

“He’s a dedicated young man,” said Gilman, “and I look forward to seeing how he leads the event next year.”

We would also like to emphasize the great work done by our treasurers, Anthony Nostro and Melanie Susman; our barbers, Francois Fowx and Scott Seaman; and our barber coordinator, Elena Seaman.

Through fundraising and gathering donations outside the View, to the collective efforts of each shavee, we managed to raise $1,315, and the number is still on the rise. Crowds of people filtered in and out of the Hudson Glass Lounge to watch each brave soul fight the good fight – including Roger May Jr., who shaved majority of his beard. In total, 16 people were shaved: two women opted for undercuts, two men lost their beards, and the remaining 12 people shaved their heads. Two of the 12 full-head shavees were Loraine Oswald and Debbie Francisco; Francisco also managed to raise over $340 alone.

As a lead volunteer and shave recruiter, Gilman remarked at how many people came out to support the event. “It creates an awareness for an important topic,” he said, “but it also brings together so many different kinds of people.”

While many of the MSMC St. Baldrick’s team are graduating this year, both Williams and Gilman plan to continue the annual event next year. “This is a campus dedicated to service and community,” said Gilman, “and we look forward to keeping this tradition.”