by: Nicole Allen

On Thursday April 21, 2016 the world got a little darker. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor Prince Roger Nelson, better known as Prince, died at age 57 due to causes unknown.

Prince was born in Minneapolis, M.N. and had an interest for music at a young age. However, after a few unsuccessful demos it was not until 1978 he released his first album “For You.” He went on to release 39 studio albums such as “Controversy” “1999” “Emancipation” “Purple Rain” and “Parade.” His sexual lyrics were combined with the styles of Funk, R&B and Pop. This style of music ultimately earned him 7 Grammy awards, a Golden Globe award and an Academy Award.

Though music brought him fame and world tours, he always went back to Minneapolis. Prince was known to be seen around the city riding his bike, checking out records from his favorite record shop, Electric Fetus, or spending time in the downtown area.

Prince loved to preform, it was just last week the “Kiss” singer was performing in front of eager fans at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. However, according to various news sources the singer seemed to be ill with what may seem like the flu just a week before his sudden death. As of right now an autopsy is being done and a cause of death won’t be announced until further notice.

Until then fans will have to mourn the unknown death of a legend who was taken from the world too soon.