By: Mary Marrero

During Thanksgiving break, we saw a high rise in the amount of coronavirus cases resulting from all of the people who traveled home for the holiday. The CDC advised individuals to stay with their immediate families and to avoid traveling for the benefit and safety of all people. Nevertheless, large groups of people were jammed into airports while many highways saw increased traffic levels.

According to The Transportation and Security Administration, “The agency screened nearly 4.6 million passengers between Nov. 25 and Nov. 29 this year,” as reported by The Washington Post. Medical professionals and health officials are afraid of the high cases that will most likely develop during the weeks just before and after Christmas. If people didn’t take the CDC guidelines seriously the first time, the consequences may be even more severe, resulting in an increase in cases and a decrease in room vacancies in hospitals.

Christmas is not the only holiday expected to see a rise in cases; the first week of January is suspected to prompt a rush of social activity due to New Year’s Eve. However, Governor Cuomo recently announced that the vaccine is expected to be released by the end of December, with priority going first to essential workers.

While everyone is excited about the arrival of a vaccine, many others still wonder about the details of the distribution process, and more importantly, whether they can afford the vaccine; Cuomo has yet to clarify how exactly the vaccine will be distributed in New York.

Until we know more, wear a mask, wash your hands throughout the day, get tested regularly and don’t go out unless it’s absolutely vital to do so. Stay safe and be mindful of the people around you in order to stop the spread of the virus.