By Claudia Larsen

The MSMC Improv club has had a rough first semester due to numerous issues, begging the question if they will be able to rise from the ashes and prosper again.

Improv began the year strong with about five new freshman members joining the team. However, due to some issues unknown to those outside of the club, both their president and their faculty adviser stepped down from their positions and left. This led to about 11 other students leaving as well.

Junior English major Troy Watson was an active member of Improv before he left. “Essentially, Improv had a lot of personal stuff that shouldn’t have been brought into the club in the first place,” he said. “A lot of people who I was friends with in it left, so I left too.” Watson compared the move to a “mass exodus,” explaining that as soon as some of the key players left, Improv started “hemorrhaging members.”

Not all students left because of the loss of leadership; for some, their timing happened to be purely coincidental. One Mount sophomore said, “I left Improv because my grades were slipping and I wanted to focus on other extracurricular activities that could relate more to my school work.” The student said that the club is still a “really cool experience,” and would definitely recommend for people to join.

Following the president and faculty adviser’s exit, Improv voted in a new president, senior Benjamin Lindenauer, who also stepped down after a short period of time in charge. The club recently voted in a new president, junior Lindsay Ostrander.

Improv is not the only club that has suffered a blow this semester.

Musical Exchange’s year did not start off well, with very few new members joining the club and even fewer past members returning. Additionally, due to setbacks in their planning and execution, the club has had to postpone their Fall Jam Fest three times.

Not everything about the stall in the progress of these two clubs is negative, as it has allowed other clubs to gain in renown on campus.

One of these up and coming clubs is Knight Notes, the MSMC acapella group, who had several new members join this year and gained notice on campus with their spectacular bonfire performance.

Improv, however, is not that eager to give up their top spot among the campus clubs. They have performed at multiple events, such as Mental Wellness Knight on Nov. 15, and continue to host their annual shows.