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By: Clare O’Keefe

NEWBURGH-Hurricane Matthew left a destructive mark with disparaging damage down the East Coast of the United States and in Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas.

Hurricane Matthew made landfall the week of October 3, and hit Haiti and part of Eastern Cuba on Oct. 4 when it was a Category 4 storm. The hurricane left Haiti with a death toll of more than 1,000 people. According to, 1.4 million citizens are in need of humanitarian aid.

After making landfall in Haiti, Hurricane Matthew made its way towards the United States. Mass evacuations were made in parts of Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Although the hurricane touched down in all four states, Florida took the biggest hit of the storm.

Hurricane Matthew settled down to a “Category 2” storm when it made landfall in Florida. More than 1 million people were soon to be without power. reported significant storm surges in Florida, and a peak sure was recorded at 9.88 feet above normal at Fernandina Beach, FL. The wind from the hurricane was measured as being faster than 100 mph.

Mass evacuations were held, and Florida was in a state of emergency. In an unprecedented act, Walt Disney World was shut down. This was the fourth time since its opening that the theme park closed, the other three times a result of hurricanes as well.

As the hurricane moved towards Georgia and the Carolinas, the winds decreased, but the rain became torrential. As a result, there was massive and dangerous flooding across the states. In North Carolina, there was an advisory issued as “life-threatening flooding.” In total, there were 12 deaths in the United States from the storm.

Up in the Northeast, people took the effects of Hurricane Matthew close to heart. Hurricane Matthew’s landfall marked closely to the four-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, something that gravely affected the Northeastern coastline.

While efforts are being made to repair all the affected areas, it is not definite when damages will be fixed. It will most likely take some time, and hopefully no help requested by those who need it most will be denied.