View of Florence, Italy. (Photo by Samantha Wilson.)

by Samantha Wilson

Are you interested in studying abroad this summer? If so, where do you want to go? Do you need help making this decision, or do you want more information on locations and programs? Not a problem! On Wednesday, September 26th from 3-6pm in Aquinas 163, there will be information sessions on the three programs that Mount Saint Mary College offers for summer study abroad trips.

At these information sessions, you will learn about the study abroad locations and programs. The meeting times are as follows: Segovia, Spain at 3 p.m., Oxford, England at 4 p.m., and Florence, Italy at 5 p.m.

If you can’t make it to any of those sessions, there will be another set on Thursday, October 11th in the Hudson Glass Lounge. This time you can learn about Florence, Italy at 3 p.m., Oxford, England at 4 p.m. and Segovia, Spain at 5 p.m.

All three of the summer study abroad trips will take place from May 23, 2013 to June 20, 2013.

The courses being offered for the session in Florence, Italy are:

  • PSY/HIS The History of The Brain with Dr. Sarah Uzelac
  • MTH/SCI (non-lab) Art, Architecture, Math and Science in Renaissance Italy with Dr. Maureen Markel and Dr. Margaret Larousse
  • ART/HIS Italian Art History, teacher TBA

The courses offered in Segovia, Spain are:

  • Special Topics in Spanish: Conversational Spanish in Spain I and II with Dr. Karen Eberle-McCarthy
  • Spanish Culture and Civilization with Dr. Richard D’Augusta
  • World Religions with Sr. Peggy Murphy

The courses offered in Oxford, England are:

  • ENG Twentieth Century British Literature: The New Classics with Dr. Marie-Therese Sulit
  • HIS/BUS: Capitalism and the European Age of Global Domination (1870-1914) with Dr. Thuy Linh Nguyen
  • ENG/THR: Shakespeare in Performance, teacher TBA

Don’t lose hope if you want to travel somewhere else to study abroad, of if you would rather go for a semester or even a whole year. Mount Saint Mary College wants you to have your ideal study abroad experience, and the staff in the Office of International Programs is here to help you. For more information contact Emily Marmo, the Mount’s Coordinator of International Programs, via email at or call her office number at (845) 569-3262.