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By: Meredith Murphy

On a dark and stormy night in the knight spot you could find Madelyn Folino telling Spooky Stories on
the dates of Oct 15 and the 22. This night brought to you by SGA member and sophomore class president Stephen Velleca, consisted of Folino retelling six stories each unique in their own way, however, each one brought the listeners to the edge of their seats.

The stories consisted of an old Native American folktale, a retell of an old fairytale, a story about fairies, and a ghost story, and a story of a girl’s story at the Mount. These stories allowed the reader to hear different types of scary stories that spoke to different types of audience. Folino was able to bring the reader to other worlds and make you believe you were a part of the story. The listeners were lead to believe they were little red riding hood escaping the big bad wolf, the young college student who witnessed her first death, or the boys in the car finding out their date was a ghost.